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sun_stealer's Journal

2 April 1987
I am a Roman Catholic, a stoic, and a hawkish libertarian-Republican in the tradition of Reagan and Goldwater. I have lived in that wretched, socialist backwater, Rhode Island, all my life. (note: Rhode Island, the state, is not to be confused with Long Island, which is a part of the state of New York.) I am 50% Italian, 20% scottish, 20% English, 10% Irish, but all American. I am a science fiction writer and have been working on my first novel, The Singularity Chronicles: Figures in the Mist(tentative title). It will be the first in a series of novels. I have been working on it for three years. I am currently writing the final chapter of the first draft and expect it to be ready for publishing by mid-to-late 2008. I am also planning Operation Salinger, a guerilla advertising campaign for the book where I will try to get the book banned from the Boston Public Library.