sun_stealer (sun_stealer) wrote,

I've Named my Mosin Nagant + Might Include Pics

I used to think that only lunatics named their weapon anything. After hearing about how the USMC, US Army, and other world militaries urged their recruits to name their weapons as a way to motivate them to take better care of them, I decided that it wouldn't be a bad idea for the same reason. I came up with a list of names: Mosy, Emancipator, Narsil, Caliburn, Simo, Ivan, Sasha, Voting Machine, Gunhilda, Betsy, Galatine, Mjolnir, Sky Piercer, Liberator. In the end I decided to name my mosin nagant, Durandal/Durendal(I haven't decided which spelling to go with), after the sword of Roland from the Song of Roland.
I'm still unsure of whether it is a good idea or not to post pics of Durandal/Durendal. I will have to reread the site's rules and guidelines before I come to a conclusion.

update: I've decided to go with the spelling, "Durandal".

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